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Blue Impulse Aerobatic Flight

Blue Impulse is an air squadron belonging to Japan Air-Self Defense Force and one of their missions is to give recognition to why Japan has a Self Defence Force and gain public understanding by showing off their skills and abilities. Without a doubt, Blue Impulse has the highest flying skills for the most beautiful acrobatic …

Kamakura Bungakukan
Kanagawa, Town Walk

Your First Time Guide to Kamakura

Just a one-hour journey South from Tokyo by train, the small city of Kamakura is often considered one of the crowning jewels in the offerings for a weekend getaway. Kamakura is a popular summer destination thanks to its rich sailing culture and history as a beach resort. Another reason I love Kamakura is because of …

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A Guide to the Barossa Valley

If you’re visiting Adelaide and have a day spare or even a few days to explore South Australia, you cannot miss visiting the Barossa Valley. The food and wine culture in the Barossa Valley is what attracts international and local tourists every year, regardless of the seasons. I visited in the early Spring. At this …

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Checking in at Barossa Shiraz Estate

The drive from Adelaide to the Barossa is a beautiful and short one hour and you will arrive in this quaint and charming district. In the Barossa Valley, the main attraction is cellar door wine tastings. Beyond that you will find a great selection of cafes, restaurants and walking paths to explore. But the real …

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The Best of Kamakura: A Kamakura Walking Guide

After a long exciting week in Tokyo, you might be eager to experience more calm wabi-sabi philosophy beyond the hussle of the city and capture the best of four seasons in the process. When my friends don’t have much time to go to Kyoto, I strongly recommend visiting Kamakura to see very traditional temples and …

May’s seasonal Nama-gashi
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Where to find the Best Japanese Sweets in Kamakura

If you’re looking for where locals go for Japanese sweets (Wagashi), this is a comprehensive list of where you will find the best Japanese sweets in Kamakura. Fortunately in Kamakura there are endless options to select from. The below list comprises all my favourite places where I tried the tasty delights several times. 1. Mikazukido …