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Tsubame Sanjo Neibouhood Guides

Tsubame Sanjo is a metal-processing industrial cluster area. This area had been frequently damaged by floods and in the early 17th century, when people couldn’t do farming, they developed metal forging techniques.  Knives, files, pipes, copperware, metal-carving, cutlery have been manufactured since then. Located two-hours ride on Shinkansen Express from Tokyo, this interior lover’s loft is at the heart of it all. You will find yourself just a short drive away from many of Japan’s best craftsmanship, brimming with galleries and boutiques. 

Gyokusendo since 1816

Located within a 5-minute-walk from Tsubame Station, this intimate metalwork factory specializes in traditional and modern cutlery and you’ll want to give yourself a good hour here to enjoy the gems to be found within this merchant’s house. 


Housing a collection of new kitchen utensils & lifestyle goods, this rustic knife gallery is home to plenty of treasures. TOJIRO started with the stainless steel fruit knife in 1955. 


Suwada is known for its range of professional scissors for hairdressers and nailists. Visiting SUWADA OPEN FACTORY is like going to a bunch of different scissor stores all in one. Its huge offering of professional and ease-of-use scissors is where you’ll find all kinds of goodies for the home. You can see the process of grinding, polishing and sharpening at this factory.

Snow Peak HEADQUARTERS Natural Lifestyle Store

If glamping into Japan’s countryside sounds like your kind of adventure, then look no further than this luxury campsite in Niigata. Snow Peak HEADQUARTERS campfield is what comes to mind when we admire glamping. The site is outfitted with beds, luxurious linens and wooden furniture.

Sanjo Monozukuri School

A contemporary art museum and complex for small businesses, the Sanjo Monozukuri School hosts a variety of art events and handcraft classes. 

Kita-Sanjo Neigbhouhoods

The Kita-Sanjo area is a great experience for remote workers with access to a number of co-work spaces and cafes to use as a hub for your internet needs. If you are trying to find a balanced area between city life and the laid back close-to-nature neighborhoods, Kita-Sanjo is the place to be.


If you were to ask a Kita-Sanjo local where to brunch or lunch, there’s a 90% chance they’ll tell you to visit LAND. This popular lunch spot has a range of sandwiches and one-plate dishes with a health-conscious approach.

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