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Where to find the best “Hiyashi Chuka”

When you see posters announcing that a restaurant has started serving hiyashi chuka, you know that summer has arrived. Hiyashi means cold and chuka means Chinese, and hiyashi chuka is a chilled Chinese-style noodle dish. It consists of wheat noodles that have been boiled and then cooled in cold water, topped with thin stirips of omelet, cucumber, ham and other ingredients. It is served in a sweet and sour broth that is utterly addictive. Refreshing hiyashi chuka is a standard summer dish in Japan. Although it is usually served in Chinese restaurants, hiyashi chuka was in fact invented in Japan and is not usually found in China. Here’s where to find it in Japan!

Sinkyotei in Shinbashi

If you just want straight-up good hiyashi chuka, then look no further than Shinkyotei. The exterior and interior are quite distinctive to help you discover it. Here you’ll find some of the best hiyashi chuka and a really relaxed atmosphere with many locals.

Kamonka in Ueno

If you were to ask a local where to have hiyashi chuka, there is a 90% chance they’ll tell you to visit Kaonka. You might find a branch of this chain store anywhere, making it a perfect place to rest yourself while you explore the city.

Manseien in Hongo Sanchome

If you’re looking for something hearty and centrally located, Manseien at Hongo Sanchome is a popular stop for those looking for a little lunch spot. This small lunch eatery offers a wide range of Cantonese cuisine. In the Japanese summer, when temperatures soar above 30 degrees Celsius, I lose my appetite but for some reason, hiyashi chuka at Manseien is something that can always be consumed. 

Yosuko saikan in Jinbocho

For those who prefer to check the original hiyashi chuka in Tokyo, Yosuko saikan is for sure the place to visit for the following reasons: the food is delicious and gorgeously presented, the prices are reasonable for the food. 

Ryutei in Sendai 

Some myths describe that hiyashi chuka was devised at a Chinese restaurant in Tokyo or in Sendai. Ryutei in Sendai has been said to have started to serve chilled noodles with various kinds of toppings from 1937. When you eat the dish, I recommend that you first taste the toppings by themselves before thoroughly mixing the topping with the noodles. The sweet and sour sauce mingles with the thin noodles, and to this is added the crunchiness of cucumber and the flavor of roasted pork filet. 

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