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Cheking Inn: Zushi and Hayama

Zushi and Hayama are popular summer destinations thanks to their rich sailing culture and history. These incredible marinas are located on the west side of the Miura Peninsula, next to the Kamakura area. From Tokyo it is around 1 hour to reach the Zushi Station by train. Despite being a popular area for tourists and locals from Tokyo and Yokohama, at night you often feel like you have the entire beach to yourself. This is your complete guide to staying some nights in Zushi and Hayama. 

Minatono Akari in Hayama

Having visited Kamakura more times than I can count, I wanted to find a countryside escape for my weekend visit. For our few nights in Zushi and Hayama areas we checked in at a restored folk house; Minatono Akari. The small but cozy property exists in the front of Manase beach and is a popular destination for weekenders escaping in the summertime.  


During our stay at Minatono Akari we were given a seemingly endless list of recommendations for cafes and restaurants to try out and we visited L’ESSENZA nearest to Minatono Akari. L’ESSENZA offers one of the most impressive coastal views with a seafood focused Italian cuisine. It seemed only the owner served the food and one other staff member helped to clean up the restaurant. It’s such a quiet place and I hesitated to take photos. 

Good Morning Zaimokuza

Peacefully and privately located on the Zaimokuza Beach, Good Morning Zaimokuza is an escape from all the Kamakura bustle. Good Morning Zaimokuza is a family-owned hotel with a casual diner focusing on local produce in a seaside-chic setting. 

Minamicho Terrace

Minamicho Terrace is located near the Kotsubo Fishing Port, a small fishing village with fresh octopus. The hotel can be accessed by bus from both Kamakura and Zushi stations. Despite being so close to the city, the estate feels a world away from the hustle and bustle of the urban areas. This makes for the perfect weekend escape for those who would prefer the countryside to the city lifestyle.

Zushi Marina

Travel does not always mean you have to find the most exciting thing to do during every minute of your journey. In order to get the feel of your surroundings, start your trip with a free walk. Zushi and Hayama areas are known for many beautiful beaches, marinas and fishing ports. Perhaps the highlight of my stay was a walk around Zushi marina to enjoy nature while getting an exceptional view of the sea. You can expect to spend up to an hour walking around and taking in the blue sky and sea.

Fishing retreat

If you are looking for a fishing retreat then look no further than the Zushi and Hayama areas. Literally, you can do fishing anywhere as long as you are keeping yourself safe. Hayama Fishing Center opens at 6:00 am and we bought compact size fishing rods and a reasonable amount of fishing bait here. 

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