My name is Keiko Kant. I live in Tokyo and I have traveled to all 47 prefectures in Japan and also throughout several continents by myself or with my family. I have passion to share travel tips with the nature lovers and the historical buffs. 

When my family members growing, I brought them to experience Japan’s beautiful nature, culture and foods. Japan is a small island, however, I wanted to feel the real size of Japan. We took a 17-hour night train from Tokyo to Hokkaido over 800 km and board 24-hour Ogasawaramaru Ship to Ogasawara Islands, 1,000 km away from mainland.IMG_9404Wondertips is for people who are looking for inspiration to find your next adventure. It also explains various cultural background to make travel in Japan easier, as well as showing beautiful scenery and a little-known local place. 

Contact: @wondertips55