Shizuoka, Town Walk

Blue Impulse Aerobatic Flight

Blue Impulse is an air squadron belonging to Japan Air-Self Defense Force and one of their missions is to give recognition to why Japan has a Self Defence Force and gain public understanding by showing off their skills and abilities. Without a doubt, Blue Impulse has the highest flying skills for the most beautiful acrobatic displays in Japan.

If you are interested in the Blue Impulse aerobatic display like I was, you can visit air festivals by Japan Air-Self Defense Force in Saitama, Shizuoka, Gifu and other prefectures. This is a great way to roam the air fields and learn the history of the Air-Self Defense Force.  

Unagi eels

Hamamatsu is famous for Unagi eels of Lake Hamanako, located in the western part of Hamamatsu. Farming unagi eels started in Lake Hamanako in the early 20th century, more than 100 years ago. The chefs are required to have a certain amount of skills to fillet, steam and grill the unagi. Each unagi restaurant in Hamamatsu has its own original sauce to serve. 

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