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Hiking the Oshima Trail

Oshima Island is one of the most popular islands to visit from Tokyo and for good reason. This incredible island is located in Southern Japan, around two hours by high-speed ship from Tokyo. If you are planning a trip to Oshima Island I would recommend at least three nights here. There are a handful of activity offerings, ranging from fishing to trekking. I visited Oshima Island to enjoy the Oshima cherry blossom. Travelers seeking the Oshima cherry blossom season should visit the island during April, though the period is longer than other kinds of cherry blossoms.

Miharayama Trecking

Mountain hikes are a great way to enjoy nature while getting an exceptional view of the island. On Oshima Island, Miharayama will be your mountain climbing destination. As Miharayama is the most popular active volcano to visit and last erupted in November 1986, be sure to check it is safe in advance of visiting.

Of course the main highlight of the mountains is to hike the trails with your guide who can show you the best viewpoints and explain what was happening during the 1986 eruption. It is fine to enter the mountain without a guide but it is much more enjoyable to let them show you the beauty of the changes of terrain that came after the eruption.

Black desert

After hiking just a couple of hours, we soon began to notice the black sandy hill, which is covered with scoria and called Ura-sabaku or “black desert”. We would encounter a range of landscapes, diverse scenery and completely different walking conditions here. Some areas had plenty of uphill terrain while others were more flat with black sands. 

Miharayama Hotel Hot Spring

For those who prefer a little luxury, Oshima’s best hot-spring hotel is located on the fringe of the Miharayama. Oshima-onsen hotel boasts epic views of the Miharayama from open-air baths.

Geological cross section known as “Baumkuchen”

Another great stop is to call into the area called “baumkuchen” geological cross section located in the south of the island. A volcano ash layer elevation was created at least several tens of thousands of years ago and now it looks like “baumkuchen”.

Habu-minato port

The road to Habu-minato port will take you through a lot of natural scenery and small villages from Motomachi port and give you a chance to get a feel of the way of life out here. As you arrive at Habu-minato port, you will notice this neighborhood offers endless cafes, restaurants, local stores and lodges. You could spend at least a half-day here in the older part of the island, meandering your way in and out of streets and alleyways.

On your way to your next destination, be sure to make the necessary pit stops to both rest on the drive and better prepare for your time at next activities. En route, be sure to stop by ​​Minato-sushi for local fresh fish and handmade croquette at Ugai store. 

Fudeshima Beach

One of the main reasons travelers make the journey up to Oshima Island is to relax at the beaches. Our favorite beach is Fudeshima Beach with its quietness and serenity. Being a little further out of the major ports, the beach is less crowded. The sandy shore is so soft to run, roll and jump on because water continuously springs out of the strata fringing the sandy shore. 

Bratto House store

Bratto House store is located near the Oshima Kameria Airport to provide Oshima’s fresh produce hand in hand. You’ll find a plethora of fruits and vegetables, flowers, baked goods and ice cream and almost all of the cuisine across the island at this local farmer’s market.  

Senzu cutting path

If you arrive on Oshima Island geared up for an adventure, you’ve come to the right place. But if you wish to rest up and relax, you can visit the Senzu area. The Senzu area is home to stunning natural scenery, a nostalgic port town and welcoming locals. If you find yourself in this part of Oshima (northern Oshima), you simply must stroll the Senzu path cutting through hilly terrain.

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  1. Ooh the Senzu path looks really peaceful

    1. Wondertips says:

      Yes, the Senzu path and Senzu area are the most peaceful area in Oshima. Thank you for your comments!

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