Hatoyama Hall
Tokyo, Town Walk

Visiting Hatoyama Hall in Edogawabashi, Tokyo

Hatoyama Hall is a western residence with Japanese traditions and it was built in 1924 for the Hatoyama family which was Japan’s most politically influential family. Hatoyama HallHere, you can see economic boom culture of architecture and furnishings from the early 20th century. The history of the site provides a compelling glimpse into Japan’s modern history. Hatoyama Hall’s garden is of an English style, featuring wide, open lawns surrounded by flowering rose trees.Hatoyama HallMy favorite room belonged to the Hatoyama lady of the house and had 10 tatami mattresses surrounded by green trees. These days, you can see tall buildings from the room, but during her time, Hatoyama Hall might have been the tallest building on the hill and she must have enjoyed the expansive views. Inside her room was so simple but also cozy, allowing her to focus on her work.Hatoyama Hall

How to get there

Get off at Edogawabashi Station, walk along Mejiro Street and then follow the small slope to Hatoyama Hall on your right. It is open from 10:00 to 16:00 and entry costs 600 yen.Hatoyama Hall

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