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Renting a Luxury Apartment in Tokyo: the Reversible Destiny Lofts MITAKA

While apartment rentals have become a great alternative to hotel stays, the number of choices in Tokyo has increased, especially for travellerS visiting Tokyo for more than a couple of days and wanting to feel like they’re in a home. We wanted to keep a homely feeling, but wanted to change-up by spending New Year’s eve in Tokyo. So, we stayed at Mitaka Hanten House. Appearance

Checking in to the Reversible Destiny Lofts MITAKA (In Memory of Helen Keller)

Arakawa Shusaku and Madeline Gins built these apartments as the first residential units designed “not to die” in 2005. The reason for naming them “In Memory of Helen Keller” is that the rooms are designed to give attention to the full potential of the body through using each physical ability. Inside the roomThe building has been painted in fourteen colors both inside and outside, but you feel surprisingly relaxed in the colorful rooms.  Although a minimum 4-night stay is required, the apartment is incredibly popular and is ideally located in Mitaka, only 40 minutes train and bus ride from Shinjuku Station.

Inside the room

The apartment was totally different from what I had imagined, however it was comfortable to stay at with a well-equipped central kitchen, a comfy round room and tiny but practical shower room and laundry. 

The Neighborhood: Mitaka City

Mitaka City is one of the trendiest neighborhoods with lots of restaurants and cafes for those who gather to play and jog at Inokashira Park or for those who choose to study at some of the best universities in Japan.  

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