On Taketomi Island, 5 astonishing beaches are located. I visited Kondoi beach first. Kondoi beach was shallow, so it was easy to walk and soak in the water up to knees. Even in the winter season, sometimes the sky is clear and the temperature rises over 20 degrees. I walked around in the warm water and enjoyed the fish jumping out of the sea.


Kondoi Beach

IMG_0414Walking through to Kaiji beach to find Star Sand from Kondoi beach, I could reach a small island when the tide was low. The sky was so clear and the sea was so wide and blue.  It took 10 mins by car from Higashi Port to Kondoi beach.

At Kaiji beach, you can find Star Sand, Hoshizuna, the sedimentation of the foraminifera dead shells. The shell is easily breakable, so it was difficult to find the perfect shape. Taketomi Island was surrounded by Subtropical Vegetation, with the adjacent coastline serving as a shelter against the winds and tides.

I kept walking from Kaiji beach, but the beach turned to rocky and it was hard to walk through. So, I gave up and went back to Kondoi Beach.

From Kondoi beach to Narasa beach, I took the  paved beltway because it was much easier to ride a bicycle. However, the path to Narasa beach from the beltway was not paved. There were rocks, holes and grassy places which made it more difficult to reach the beach. It was so hard to ride my bicycle on the unpaved path to the beach, but it was worth doing.

From Narasa beach to Kitocchi beach, you can enjoy beautiful white sand. Taketomi Island is surrounded by coral reefs and waves wash over dead coral and crash them onto the white sand. The sand at Narasa beach was not as smooth as Kondoi beach due to the amount of dead coral. I brought my Shima Sandals which are connected by straps to the soles, so I could walk safely. Whenever I explore the seashore to find marine creatures, I always wear them. Even fisherman use them for fishing in Ogasawara Islands.

The distance around the Taketomi Island is 9.2 km and it takes about one hour to go right around by bicycle. There are several places to rent a bicycle on Taketomi Island and if you make a reservation in advance, the renting company can pick you up at the Higashi Port. If you just take a Water-buffalo cart in order to see the preservation village, you don’t need to rent a bicycle. It takes 20 mins to walk from Higashi Port to the preservation village along a gentle slope.

There are several transportation options to do sightseeing on Taketomi Island. A circular bus is available from Higashi Port to the beaches. You need to make a reservation and it costs 300 yen. Hotels and guest houses provide a pick-up service too. I rented a bicycle at Himawari near Izumiya Inn. They serve a fruit juice if you rent a bicycle there. Shaved ice with mango icecream was my favorite sweets there.

Rainy season is from May to June and Typhoon season is from July to October. 
Beach Opening is from mid March. During winter season, jackets and long sleeves are needed. It rains often, so rainwear and umbrellas are also needed.