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Where to Eat and Shop on Taketomi Island

On Taketomi Island, I unexpectedly found various souvenir shops and cafes. You can find original accessories and pottery made by local artists. Each shop has its own taste and staff of the shop assist very politely. I enjoyed chatting with them and other guests at the Cafe. So here are my favorite places on Taketomi Island to find something special.

Where to Shop

Island: I bought Star Sand’s Earrings at the Island. Each of them has its own unique color, because the artist created them by himself in his kiln. You can enjoy the different color and shape of them. 

Kiosk near Higashi Port: Replicas of Shisa on Taketomi Island are available at the Kiosk near Higashi Port. I also bought a postcard and handmade basket. You can get affordable souvenirs here, such as stationary and handmade goods.IMG_0887 (1)Shell Stand: My children asked if we could buy some very practical goods as souvenirs. I could not find what I was looking for at first, but finally I could find a huge shell at the shell roadside stand near Nagomi Tower. When I showed it to my children, a silent chill occurred, but now the shell has become one of the decorations on our balcony. IMG_0889 (2)Takanya: I also bought chopstick rests, which support your chopsticks during a meal, at Takanya near the post office. Finally, my kids seemed excited about my souvenirs.

Where to Eat

Dinner and breakfast were served at Izumiya Inn, so my biggest concern was only what I should eat for my lunch on Taketomi Island. Luckily, there were many choices there. Okinawa’s traditional noodles and set menus with seafoods were available at all cafes and restaurants.YaraboYarabo: I had lunch at Yarabo twice during my stay. Okinawa is the No. 1 producer of Kuruma prawns. I had Shrimp Noodles at Yarabo. The amount of noodles was much bigger compared to a standard size, but I could enjoy the combination of Shrimp soup and Noodles and I finished it all.IMG_0181 (1)IMG_0186 (1)Himawari: I rented a bicycle at Himawari near Izumiya Inn. They serve a free fruit juice when you rent a bicycle there. Shaved ice with Mango ice cream was my favorite sweets there. Himawari shopShaved ice at HimawariKuchu & Paradise Cafe: One of the staff of Izumiya Inn recommended to eat at Kuchu & Paradise Cafe which the owner gradually built by himself. The cafe looked very nice, but it was closed when I visited. So I took a photo from outside. Kuchu & Paradise CafeGokouya: I could not buy any potteries at Gokouya on Taketomi Island as it was closed for renovation. The potter artist produces tablewares, noodle bowls, small plates and side dishes. You can also buy them at Yachimunkan, a pottery shop on Ishigaki Island.


It takes about 15 mins from Yarabo (the west of the village) to Gokouya (the south of the village). You can see all around the village in one hour. Bicycle is also very useful. The road is paved with white sand, so it is a little bit difficult to ride in the village.

One point:

Open hours vary greatly depending on the season. Popular shops are very crowded during high season or lunch/dinner time. Reservation is recommended.

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