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Checking In: Izumiya Inn on Taketomi Island

I stayed at Izumiya Inn for 4 nights. In the Okinawa region, traditionally people rented rooms called Ichiban-za (main room) and Niban-za (second room) to travelers and guests. The Izumiya Inn was a traditional house with rounded white sand and bright flowers. I stayed at Fuya, the main house, in which people live, and had dinner and breakfast at Tora, the kitchen area. The fireplace is separated from the main house since old times. IMG_0179Almost all houses face the south and have almost the same space. The house is  surrounded with a stone wall made by coral limestone and green trees. The height of the stone wall is about 150 cm. The roof is low and covered with roofing tiles consolidated in plaster in the traditional way. When I arrived at Izumiya Inn, the grandma served me a tea and black sugar. Tea and black sugarOn the first day, I shared a room with another guest. The room was separated by accordion curtains, but I tried to be quiet when I woke up at 6:00. From the second night, I moved to the biggest room. After a day of cycling or taking in fresh air at the beach, it was so enjoyable to step onto the softly fragrant, glistening tatami mats in my room. 


I had dinner and breakfast in the Kitchen area with other guests. Izumiya served hand made local foods with potteries by Taketomi Island pottery artists. The shape and weight of the pottery fits to our hands and they looked full of earth. We had very good time to have delicious traditional dishes together and to engage in lively conversation. We went to see the sunset and stars together. The size of accommodation was perfect to make friends. IMG_0917The atmosphere was so calm. I enjoyed listening to the sound of sweeping by the grandma of Izumiya in the morning and evening. The family members of each house sweep their garden and roads with a broom every morning and evening to clean up. After rain, sand is washed away, so islanders bring sand from Narasa Beach twice a year.

Garden at Izumiya

Each artwork, natural stone and native wood at Izumiya Inn was naturally laid out with nice sense. Rooms, including the bathroom and dining room were so clean and we could spend our time comfortably. The garden was open but it was surrounded by a stone wall and flowers, so we could spend our time privately.IMG_5474
There are many choices to stay at on Taketomi Island. I chose Izumiya Inn, because they provide very traditional Japanese style inn service. When I visited there in February, the owner of the Izumiya said she already had received some inquiries to stay there from June to August. Early reservation would be preferable.


Accommodation fee: 6,300 yen for an adult (off-season)
Breakfast time is around 8:00 and Dinner time is 18:00 or 18:30.


Pick-up service is available. Please call Izumiya Inn when you take a ferry to Taketomi Island.
It takes more than 20 mins from Higashi Port to Izumiya Inn by walk.

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