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Neighbourhood Guide to Adelaide

I visited Adelaide in the month of August, which is much calmer and quieter compared to March when the city comes alive with an endless array of events to attend. In March, the city hosts the Fringe Arts Festival, the Adelaide Festival and WOMAD music festival plus a range of concerts and cultural events. During other months, Adelaide is a city that will delight you with colorful buildings, friendly locals and plenty of greenery.

Adelaide Botanic Garden
The Adelaide Botanic Garden has the oldest greenhouse in Australia which is one of the most beautiful to frequent. Not only are there numerous varieties of flowers and plants, but there are also plenty of spaces and benches to rest on. When visiting Adelaide Botanic Garden, consider bringing along a picnic as they allow you to eat on the beautifully landscaped grounds. Ensure to buy cheese and a freshly baked baguette at Adelaide Central Market and Chinatown.


Adelaide Central Market and Chinatown
One of the best places to see the local life of Adelaide happening right before your eyes is at Adelaide Central Market. Adelaide is celebrated as having a farm-to-table approach for dining and you can experience this first hand as the delicatessens in the market sell fresh local produce including; caperberry, goat cheese, fresh fruit and vegetables and local honey.

If you’re hungry, venture to the food court area for a large variety of amazing international foods such as, Indian curry, Japanese ramen, sushi, Chinese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese. There’s great food to be found here and the blend of cultures is fascinating. I also loved my visit to the Chinatown next to Adelaide Central Market where I picked up some treats for a picnic at the Adelaide Botanic Garden.

Glenelg Beach
If you allow yourself an entire day to visit Adelaide, you will also have enough time to visit Glenelg Beach. The tram journey from Adelaide Railway Station Tram Stop to Glenelg is only 40 minutes or so.

Glenelg Beach is a popular getaway for those who want to escape the nearby suburbs for some sunbathing, swimming and walking. You can’t go past experiencing Glenelg Boardwalk where you can enjoy all the beautiful houses as you stroll along this strip. If you’re in search of great photographs, simply walk on Glenelg jetty extending for over 200 meters into the sea.

Plant 4 Bowden
One of the things that really made my trip to Adelaide so special was meeting Kim and Judy, childhood friends of my lifelong English teacher from Adelaide. Kim writes and produces his own TV program “Outdoors Indoors” and Judy is Kim’s energetic and charming partner. They took me to Plant 4 Bowden for dinner. This made my visit so much more enjoyable and memorable!

Kim & Judy

One of the great aspects of Australia is the multiculturalism that lends itself to the diverse cuisine. Plant 4 Bowden is a popular choice to get a taste of the surroundings. I asked Judy what’s the equivalent local food as compared to Japanese Sushi in Australia and she said she used to have shepherd’s pie but now these diverse multicultural aspects have influenced Australian food culture.

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