Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar
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Where to catch the best sunset on Dogo Island in Oki

Dogo Island in Oki is one of those destinations that has something for every type of traveller – whether you’re looking for an adventurous fishing trip, a quiet beach holiday or simply time to enjoy a calm sunset. It’s here that you’ll find a mix of wilderness and beautiful scenery. Candle Rock

Sunset Cruise to Candle Rock 

A great activity is to board one of the many sunset cruise boats to Candle Rock, making your way from Fukuura Port in about 60 minutes. From late-August to mid-September you will see the sun perch itself on top of the Kannon-iwa Rock at sunset, making it look like a lit candle.the fifth Shioji-maru ship's cruiseWe joined the fifth Shioji-maru ship and the captain went through narrow caves. Some ships offer this extra adventurous tour. It was the most memorable sunset and although it sounded very touristy it was fully enjoyable.

Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar in Mount Daimanji

Swimming and spending time on the beach or going fishing on Oki Islands, I was looking forward to a change of scenery after always looking at the blue sea and sky. While it was incredibly relaxing and nice to enjoy the open air, I was keen to get into the woods and see more of what the island offered.WInd caveParticularly in the hot summer, a short hike to the top of Mount Daimanji (608 m) or to the Chichi-sugi Japanese cedar gives one of the best views of Togo Island. The Chichi-sugi is a mysterious and strangely shaped tree, estimated to be about 800 years old. It measures 30 meters high and about 11 meters in diameter. Roots appear to drip down from its branches, giving it a unique look. You can choose to either hike to the tree (around 4 hours) or drive to it. There are also numerous chances to see and appreciate wind caves with information stands along the way.Chichi-sugi Japanese CedarJapan used to be a part of the Eurasia Continent and around 26 million years ago the  Japanese islands gradually separated. Oki Islands were raised by volcanic activity 6 million years ago. During the last glacial period, around 20,000 years ago, Oki was connected to the mainland of Japan. At the time, the temperature around Oki was comparatively warmer, so many plants and animals were able to survive there. When the post-glacial warming began again 10,000 years ago, those plants and animals spread back to the mainland of Japan. The Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar is considered to contain the same genes as the ancient plants from that time. 

Fishing Boat

Oki Islands are surrounded by a continental shelf and you can enjoy squid fishing throughout the year and snow crab fishing in winter. We chartered a fishing boat to go fishing with a captain of the Shioji-maru ship and got over 80 fish which we sent home two days later. The fishing boat departs at 6:00 am, and the expedition lasts a couple of hours including lessons of fishing by the captain. A special view of Oki Islands from the boat is a highlight, even though I got some seasickness

Fishing shop Ebisudo: We bought fishing baits and borrowed fishing rods at Ebisudo, before visiting the other islands for fishing. 

Bull Sumo Fight

You can see bull sumo fights at Moo Moo Dome on Dogo Island. It was a dedication and entertainment for exiled Emperor Gotoba. It starts from 9:00. 

Sample Itinerary 

Get on an airplane from Haneda Airport to Izumo Airport and transit to Oki Airport. Spend a half day at Saigo Port and Yao riverside area. Head to Fukuura Port to take a sunset cruise. Next day, head to Chichi-sugi on Mount Daimanji via the Sakaki Family House. Continue to explore beaches or inlets by sea kayaking or snorkeling. When you are done, head back to Izumo Airport.

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