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When I think of Australia I imagine snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, mingling with koalas and kangaroos, camping with the beautiful sights of Uluru and tasting Tim Tams and Vegemite. I was a little bit guilty of thinking “koalas” as soon as I imagined Australia, though.

My first journey to Australia begins in Adelaide, the beautiful state capital of South Australia, following the advice of my lifelong English teacher from Adelaide. The more popular choice to visit would be Sydney or Melbourne, however, I much prefer to feel that a place is local and filled with residents.

Walk Through Adelaide Arcade
My favourite part of Adelaide is Adelaide Arcade built in 1885 and retaining elements of the original Italian style architecture. This area has an incredible old world charm, where you’ll also find great local eateries.

Adelaide Arcade

This arcade is noteworthy for being one of the homes to Umbrella Winter City Sounds, a live music festival, and here you can find the umbrella arcade. There is also a small exhibition on the balcony level of Gay’s Arcade, featuring photographs and newspaper clippings.

After 5pm almost all shops and cafes are closed, so if you want to buy something please visit during the daytime. I asked my friend whether it was inconvenient for her, but she said we should be fair to others as shop staff also need to spend time with their families. Fairness is common sense, but sometimes I forget it and she reminds me of it.

Make your way to the University of Adelaide
Another favorite place of mine in the city of Adelaide is the University of Adelaide. The University has a long history and is open to the public to wander around. You can soak up the atmosphere by walking around the grounds.

the University of Adelaide

Visit Art Gallery of South Australia
If you’re an art & design lover who is interested in seeing some iconic art in Adelaide, a good place to start is the Art Gallery of South Australia, located next to the University of Adelaide. The gallery has endless halls filled with international and national works. The fascinating installation of old and modern arts is well balanced and the display methods are totally different from Japanese traditional art museums that line paintings up in a row. It was quite touching and moving.

South Australian Museum

Explore the South Australian Museum
The South Australian Museum exhibits Australian Aboriginal culture and history and biological science and it is here where you have the best chance of spotting the famed Tiliqua rugosa, a blue-tongued lizard endemic to Australia. I didn’t have a chance to get up close and personal with koalas and kangaroos this time, but the exhibitions here are really inspiring and have innovative ways to help visitors understand South Australian culture and biological science.

Tiliqua rugosa

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  1. I really would love to visit Adelaide someday! Almost made it a few years ago but plans changed and so I have to cancelled my flight there for my birthday unfortunately.

    1. Wondertips says:

      Thanks! I have never been to other cities in Australia, so my recommendation is not balanced. But Adelaide is one of the safest and the most pleasant cities!

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