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The Best Day Trip to Monet’s Garden in France

If you’re visiting Paris for longer than a week, you might consider making a day trip out of the city to nearby Giverny. Monet’s Garden in Giverny, one and a half hour’s bus ride from central Paris, is a great place to start and it is here where you will find Monet’s last atelier where he lived in his later life
Monet's garden
Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny

Shimmering in blue, green and pink, Monet’s house is one of the most celebrated impressionist ateliers near Paris. The exterior is influenced by nature and the contrast of colors. Not only are there numerous varieties of flowers and plants, there is also a water garden. Walk over one of the most famous bridges that crosses the pond where lotus flowers float. The best time of year is early summer when the pond is dotted in nature’s pink and green by lotus flowers.
Living room
Monet’s House

The house and rooms have been designed with huge windows for natural lighting and decorated individually. We can visit the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom and atelier. I soon discovered a secret Monet spouse’s room which was the most desirable garden-facing room with its own unique charm and identity. The kitchen was also beautifully appointed with vintage furniture and has a very French country home feel to it.


How to get there

Depending on whether you wish to explore the region on your own accord by renting a car or whether you wish to join a tour group, will result in how much time you have. We decided to join a tour bus (just a 90 minute ride) but missed a chance to stroll Giverny village. 


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