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The 5 Best beaches on Chihijima Island in Ogasawara

We came here for jumping in the crystal clear waters and to admire marine life. We stayed at Chichijima Island for one week, so we went to beaches once or twice a day. We enjoyed various colors and atmospheres depending on the  different time of day. It could be said that it was “almost a private beach” even though it was in August during the high season. Here are my top picks for 5 of the best beaches on Chichijima Island.

1. Kopepe Beach

My best beach on Chichijima Island was Kopepe Beach. The beach itself was very narrow compared to other major beaches, but the contrast of blue ocean and white sand was so beautiful. Coral reefs were near the shoreline and we could enjoy tropical fish there. When we visited Kopepe Beach on a night tour to see  baby turtles being released, we saw 3 to 4 mother Sea Turtles that were spawning.Kopepe BeachAt the cliff connected to Kopepe Beach, you can see piles of pillow lava, that formed after magma solidified during past submarine volcanic activity. We spent time on the water by doing stand up paddle boarding and visited Kopepe Beach from Kominat Beach on the boards. We went to Kopepe Beach from Kominato Beach by a stand up paddle boat. Kopepe BeachKopepe BeachPillow laveHeart shaped pillow laveStand up paddle boatShellsWild goat

2. Kominato Beach

We visited Kominato Beach almost once a day during our one week stay on Chichijima Island. Kominato Beach is a shallow long beach with white sand. The coral reefs and fish were less than at other beaches, but we enjoyed swimming, surfing with swim tubes, jumping from floats and playing with the sand. Kominato Beach can be accessed via a local bus that takes 20 mins. You may also ask your hotel’s staff to drop you off. Kominato Beach’s bus stopKominato Beach


When we were tired, we visited USK COFFEE near Kominato Beach to have snacks. It is a nice open air cafe with various kinds of farm animals.  USK Coffee shopRose at USK COFFEE CafeBonin Island Coffee

3. Sakaiura Beach

Sakaiura Beach is located 10-15 mins drive from the center of the Omura area. You can see the wreck of the Hinkou Maru, a former cargo ship, in the center of Sakai-Ura. Now the ship has become a hideout place for fish and one of best places for snorkeling. I loved all the details of Sakaiura Beach. The view from the entrance was beautiful and the approach to the beach was so clean. The sand of Sakaiura Beach was white and smooth and we saw several examples of sand art on the beach. A swing suspended from a fallen tree was gently swinging in the early evening breeze.Entrance to the Sakaiura BeachSlope to the Sakaiura BeachSakaiura’s Hinkou Maru which ran agroundSakaiura’s beachArts on the Sakaiura BeachArts on the Sakaiura BeachSwing

4. Miyanohama Beach

Miyanohama Beach is located 5 mins drive from the center of the Omura area. It was easy to access and waves were gentle and calm for swimming and snorkeling, even just after big typhoons had passed through. Miyanohama Beach is the best beach to float around a reef and see plenty of colorful fish on your arrival day’s afternoon or in the morning of your departure day. You can take a nice shower on the Ogasawara Maru Ship after boarding to Takebashi Port on the mainland of Tokyo. Miyanohama Beach is surrounded by crystal clear water and a coral reef, so we could snorkel and swim here. Miyanohama BeachPath to Tsurihama BeachIMG_8253You can also access Tsurihama Beach from Miyanohama Beach by taking an  enjoyable 1.2 km walking path. When we swam in the sea, we noticed that rangers had put up a net to protect endemic species plants from rats under the flaming sun. We could encounter various activities to protect the nature in the mountains and in the sea.

5. Ougiura Beach

We stayed near the Ougiura Beach, so we could swim in the early morning or evening. The water isn’t as clear as Miyanohama and Kopepe beaches. Ougiura Beach is connected to Futami Port and Sakaiura Beach forming a huge bay. The beach is sandy and shallow and the waves are gentle. It is easy to swim with marine shoes and swimming goggles. Ougiura BeachOugiura Beach

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