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How to Spend a Weekend in Singapore

View from Montigo Resort Batam across to Marina Bay SandsMontigo Resort BatamBoardwalkI visited Singapore with my father and my son and I wanted to catch up with my friend who had just begun to live there. In order to become accustomed to the heat, we stayed at a resort hotel near Singapore at the beginning of our journey. When I visit South East Asian countries, I sweat so much for the first one or two days until I can adjust to the temperature and hot weather. I wanted to make sure my family got accustomed to the hot weather smoothly.

My friend told me it is a quite common to spend the weekend at resort islands for Singaporeans, so if you find yourself around for the weekend, here’s how to spend a weekend in Singapore.

Montigo Resort Batam

My friend booked Montigo Resort Batam, the very best resort hotel on Batam Island for us. In Singapore, Sentosa Island and Bintan Island are famous as beach resorts, but we went to Batam Island to be relaxed in a wide space, after receiving the excellent advice of my friend. Batam Island had less people visiting than other large resort islands, so we could enjoy a relaxing atmosphere.

How to travel

We had no concerns about transportation, foods or activities. Everything was well organized. The pick-up service smoothly took us to the hotel. We had a private pool in our cottage which had three bedrooms. We swam in the morning and evening at our private pool or at a communal pool near a restaurant in Montigo Resort Batam. My father lent our swimming tube to other guests without words. I had a glimpse of his underlying strength to communicate with other guests by gestures.IMG_5250 (1)

What to do

Honestly, I wasn’t sure I could enjoy the resort hotel without hiking and fishing! Since I went to Hawaii several years ago, I have avoided traveling to resort areas with my family. I was afraid that there would not be enough appropriate activities to do during our stay, but that was needless anxiety.IMG_5226 (1)What we had done at the resort was just eating, swimming, running at the gym, watching TV in a huge living room and eating again. We experienced all the best parts of staying at resort hotels. Checkout was 12:00pm, but we could stay until our ferry departure. We took the 18:10pm ferry to back to Singapore. It was a nice night cruise to enjoy the sunset and cooling weather. The sunset from the boat was so beautiful and we could enjoy the sunset scenery as Singapore’s skyscrapers got closer. The size of the boat was right so as not to shake and roll too much.Sunset from our dinner placeSunset from the boat on the way to Singapore Port

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  1. wow I’ve lost count of times I’ve been to Singapore and never thought of a luxury resort, good for you!

    1. Wondertips says:

      Thanks! My friend helped me out. You’ll love blue sky and bright green there, when you visit.

      1. lol no intention to travel any more … mind you I’ve said that before and this time last year I was overseas for four months 🙂

  2. Thank you for following my photo blog! Your site is lovely.

    1. Wondertips says:

      Thanks! I tried to make my site simple as Japanese handcraft 😉 I really enjoy your photo on https://lvphotoblog.com/.

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