When I talked to the Izumiya Inn family about my walking through from Kondoi beach to Kaiji beach, they recommended to walk from Higashi Port to Kondoi beach. It should be very enjoyable with various scenery.

Next day, I started to explore from Higashi Port. As I imagined, there were many cats at the parking of Higashi Port. Some of them were sleeping at someone’s truck bed and I found them at exactly the same place when I came back.

At the Higashi Port, there were some students who attend the high school on Ishigaki Island and staff of resort hotels. It takes only 10 mins from Ishigaki Island to Taketomi Island, and the sea is usually very calm due to the surrounding coral reef.

Some part of the beach was covered with rugged rocks, and I worried about whether I could go forward. I observed carefully to find the place to put my feet and I could move smoothly with my Shima Sandals. Just in case, I talked about where I was going and made sure my phone was connected.

After getting over the rugged rocky area, the beach became easier to walk on. The sand became powdery and very soft. I could not find anyone until I reached West Pier.

I found a Torii, a gateway at the entrance to On. On is a place for islanders to pray to their gods. I never entered due to it being a sacred place. The Torii faced the Ishigaki Island solemnly and the area looked so calm and peaceful.

Finally, I could reach to West Pier and I was so relieved to come where I knew.
It took about one hour from Higashi Port to West Pier while taking photos and enjoying the view.

Islanders used to use West Pier to cross the sea to Iriomote Island to cultivate rice fields, since Taketomi Island was not suitable for growing rice. There were old ships still waiting to set sail for fishing near the West Pier. If you visit there during low tide, you can reach the end of the pier.

During high tide, people come to fish, even during the night. I met a guy who was going to fish for squid when we came to see the stars. During winter time, it is difficult to see the stars due to the rainy season. However, we were lucky enough to see the Milky Way, Orion and Winter’s triangle.

I came to West Pier in the morning too. If the weather is fine, you can see Iriomote Island from here.

I came back here with other Izumiya Inn guests to see Sunset. The silhouette of people by sunlight was so clear and the changing light was beautiful.

You will see Kondoi beach soon after leaving West Pier. The beach is much wider than the previous beach near Higashi Port, and it was easy to walk. There were several tourist groups walking from West Pier to Kondoi beach.

When I reached Kondoi beach, I remembered I had left my bicycle at Higashi Port. I went back to Higashi Port following the same way. It took about 4 hours for the round trip for me, but it would take only 1.5 hours from Higashi Port to Kondoi beach by walk taking paved road. Swimming can be done from mid March to the end of October. The best season is from May to September. If the temperature rises to 20 degrees, some people could swim but I don’t recommend it though. The walk from Higashi Port to Kondoi beach is like enjoying a huge beach without others. There is no lifeguard on Taketomi Island. Please be prepared for the weather change.