The Omura area is the biggest town in Chichijima Island with local hotels, guest houses, shops and tour companies.

There are 3 supermarkets to buy daily goods, lunch, drinking water, sunscreen, medicine for motion sickness, sandals, etc.

Shops at Omura close at 18:00pm or 19:00pm. Outside of the town on Ogasawara Island, there are no places to buy drinking water and lunch, so make sure to prepare them before joining guided tours and going swimming.

An ATM is available at the Post Office and Agricultural Cooperative shops, but bringing cash is preferable.

Drug store

Local Supermarket

Transportation in Chichijima Island consists of community buses, taxis, rental cars, motorcycles and bicycles. Some guest houses offer a send and fetch service, but this depends on the time of day and the season.  

Renting a car or motor bike is useful to see all around. If you stay 3 nights at Chichijima Island and plan to join several guided tours, you don’t need to rent a car. The number of automobiles is limited, so please make reservations before coming to Ogasawara Island.

The sunlight in Ogasawara Island is strong, even during winter, and it can quickly lead to minor burns. Please bring your hat, sunglasses and sunscreen to prevent too much sunburn.

What I regretted having not prepared before visiting Ogasawara Islands were; a waterproof camera, smartphone case, insect repellent, antipruritic drug and long sleeves and pants for trekking.

There are several souvenir shops and my favorite shop is Tomaton, a sweet shop, producing donuts and fruit cakes, juice, ice and jams.

Tomaton's donut

Tomaton's Gelato

There are several choices for cafes and restaurants in the Omura town. I spent a lot of time at Papa’s Island Resort while my kids were fishing at Futami Port.

Papa’s Island Resort at Omura town

Lemon cider


Rice bowl with Sashimi