When you arrive at Chichijima Island, it’s a good idea to see an overview of the area. My recommendations are Ogamiyama Shrine near Omura town and the Weather Station Observatory at Mt. Mikazukiyama.

You can walk to Ogamiyama Park from the center of Omura town. The steep stairways looked daunting in front of us, but the view from the top was worth the effort of climbing the stairs.

Please make sure to bring a bottle of water. Outside of the towns on Ogasawara, there are no places to buy drinking water.

Purified water

Main shrineAfter visiting Ogamiyama Shrine, you can visit the Main Observatory, the Top Observatory and the Panorama Observatory.

View of Futami-ko Port from Main Observatory

Old shelterThe Weather Station Observatory is located on the west side of the Chichijima Island. This Observatory is the best location to view the sunset and whales. If the weather permits, you can see Minami Island and Hahajima Island.

You can walk from the center of Omura town to the Weather Station Observatory in 35 mins, but the slope is so steep. I saw many exhausted tourists at the Weather Station, so my recommendation is to drive there.

View from the Weather Station Observatory