After our arrival on Hahajima Island, we firstly set off to Minamizaki and climbed Mt. Kofuji. During this trek, we saw ponds and an old military base. Our tour guide explained how local people used to live in the mountains, cultivating fields and how nature can be protected now.

Entrance to Minamizaki

Hibiscus near the entrance of Minamizaki

Bird nest

Path under the forestIn Ogasawara Islands, snails have attained diverse revolutions. At least 90% of the snails are endemic species, so we could not catch them.

SnailWe found a lot of Terrestrial Hermit Crabs in the Ogasawara Islands. 4 kinds of Terrestrial Hermit Crabs living in the Ogasawara Islands are nationally protected.

Terrestrial Hermit Crab30 mins after our departure to Minamizaki, we saw a mortar shaped cliff where children used to slide down.

Mortar-shaped cliffAfter going through a mildly undulating forest of Pandanus, we finally arrived at Minamizaki Beach which has coral reefs.  

Minamizaki beachThe views of the green hills of Hahajima Island were enjoyed from the top of Mt. Kofuji.The chains of islands with deep blue ocean were so beautiful. We saw breeding seabirds.

View of SeaAfter hiking in the semi tropical dense fern forests from the top of Mt. Kofuji, finally we arrived at Minamizaki Beach. We enjoyed the breathtaking contrast between the white sand and the bright blue ocean. A fish processing factory used to exist here, but we could not see any traces of it these days due to the dense forest.

Picnic table near Minamizaki Beach

Minamizaki BeachThere are only two shops near Oki Port, so we asked our hotel to prepare our lunch box. Rainwear and trekking shoes are needed for hiking in the Ogasawara Islands.

If you wish to visit Hahajima Island for one day, you can stay for 2 and a half hours. The Hahajima Maru departs at 7:30am from Chichijima Island and arrives at 9:30am. You can also request a guided tour to see around Hahajima Island. The Hahajima Maru leaves at 14:00pm for the return trip to Chichijima Island. However, I strongly recommend to stay on Hahajima Island for 2-3 days.