Ogasawara Islands are the largest breeding ground for green turtles in Japan. Turtles lay eggs from May to August and the eggs hatch from around July to October.

We saw baby turtles on both Hahajima Island and Chichijima Island in August.

Near the Wakihama beach on Hahajima Island, you can see baby turtles hatching at the Sea Turtle Protection Center operated by Ogasawara Islands.

When we went for a walk at 5:30am, Sea Turtle Protection Center Staff showed us just-born turtles.

The weight of a Green Turtle would be 140 kg in some cases, and the walking trace looked like that of a caterpillar.

Traces of Green Turtles like a caterpillar

Sea Turtle Protection Center on Hahajima Island

Wakishima Park

Green Turtles

Green Turtles

Baby turtles


Baby turtles at Hahajima’s touching pool

Night view of Oki Port