When booking for Ogasawara Maru to go to Ogasawara Islands, you need to make reservations for your accommodations immediately. Asking the tour company to arrange everything is the easiest way, but usually they provide only a 6-day tour, including 2 nights on board Ogasawara Maru for the round trip from Tokyo Takeshiba Port to Ogasawara Islands, and 3 nights staying at Ogasawara Islands. We wanted to stay for 2 weeks, so we made reservations by ourselves.

The Omura area is the biggest town in Chichijima Island and many hotels, guest houses and tour companies are located here. Staying in the Omura area makes it easy to travel anywhere on Chichijima Island.

I planned to rent a car, so I chose two hotels in the Ougiura area which was 15 to 20 mins away by car from the Omura area.

Beach Comber served delicious local dishes. The laundry was also very useful.

Dinner at Beach Comber

Every dinner had its original dessert and one day was Sata Andagi which tasted unforgettable.

Sata Andagi with local BananaThe guest rooms were very wide and each room has its own bathroom. The hotel laundry has three washing and drying machines, so it was so convenient. Pick-up service is available.





There are several inns and guest houses near Oki Port on Hahajima Island. We stayed at Lamere which was cozy and served tasty local foods.


Dining room of Lamere

Dinner at Lamere

Ogasawara Islands’ local foods include not only its fresh fish but also well thought out canned and preserved foods. Sometimes, Ogasawara Maru’s trip to Ogasawara Island is cancelled and foods are not delivered. When we visited Chichijima Island, the previous ship had been cancelled and as a result we saw fewer vegetables and meats than usual at the local supermarkets.