My best beach on Chichijima Island was Kopepe Beach. The beach itself was very narrow compared to other major beaches, but the contrast of blue ocean and white sand was so beautiful.

Coral reefs were built near shoreline and we could enjoy tropical fish there.

When we visited Kopepe beach at a night tour to see releasing baby turtles, we saw 3 to 4 mother Sea Turtles to spawn.

Kopepe Beach

Kopepe Beach

We visited Kominato Beach almost once a day during our one week stay on Chichijima Island.

Kominato Beach is a shallow long beach with white sand. The coral reefs and fish were less than at other beaches, but we enjoyed swimming, surfing with swim tubes, jumping from floats and playing with the sand.

Kominato Beach can be accessed via a local bus that takes 20 mins.



At the cliff connected to Kopepe Beach, you can see piles of pillow lava, that formed after magma solidified during past submarine volcanic activity.  

Pillow lave


We went to Kopepe Beach from Kominato Beach by a stand up paddle boat. You can swim at both beaches.

Stand up paddle boat



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