Fishing is one of the my favorite sea activities. When we arrived at Chichijima Island, we immediately tried to find fishing tackle shops. There were two shops, and we rented rods for 500 yen a day. We bought frozen Asari shells as bait to do fishing from the breakwater near Futami Port.

Blue Lighthouse by the sea.

Open space near the Omura breakwater

Swimming area near blue lighthouse

Fishing rods shop



We got Aigo fish sometimes. They are dangerous, so we needed to release them soon.

Dangerous fish, Aigo

We joined a fishing boat for 4 persons and got many Umeiro fish in the morning. One of us was going to leave for Tokyo that same afternoon, after fishing. He was able to send his fish to Tokyo on the Ogasawara Maru which was the same ship that he was boarding for Tokyo. He could enjoy very fresh Umeiro fish.

We asked Marujo to cook our Umeiro fish to make Shima Sushi and ate fried and stewed fish there.

Marujo restaurant

Umeiro fish at Marujo

Yama-chan fishing boat

4 days after catching, some of our Umeiro was sent home for us to cook it. It was still so fresh and tasty.

Cooking Umeiro at home