Hahajima Island is located about 50km south of Chichijima Island. Hahajima Island is the second largest island in the Ogasawara Islands group with the population of Hahajima is 400. Tropical fruits and vegetables are harvested here and then shipped to Tokyo via Chichijima Island.

Hahajima Island MangoWhen you arrive at Chichijima Island from Tokyo, there is enough time to connect to the Hahajima Maru before it departs from Chichijima Island. I could not make reservations for the Hahajima Maru, but I was told that I need not worry. It is very rare that this ship is full to capacity. It takes 2 hours from Chichijima Island to Hahajima Island.


IMG_2735The Sekimon area’s atmosphere was created by a dense semi tropical forest. You can see various kinds of unique animals, birds and plants here. Tourists must be accompanied by a registered guide when visiting the Sekimon area.

Maruhachi, Cyathea mertensiana Copel, Large fern shape tree

Greens near SekimonWe did a night tour to see Green pepe, a type of bioluminescent mushroom, growing faintly in the woods. We could not see any stars this day due to a typhoon approaching, but we enjoyed the night walk.

IMG_2457Mt. Chibusa is the highest peak in the Ogasawara Islands with an elevation of 463m. The route takes 4 hours to walk. The height and damp sea winds running up Mt. Chibusa create clouds which cover over the upper part of the mountain. I imagined blue sky and blue ocean at Hahajima Island, but the white fog that I saw from Oki Port reminded me of the time I visited the high mountains in the center of Japan.  

When we went trekking and did sea activities, we needed to know the local rules and guidelines that have been set for natural treasures and endangered species, in order to preserve the natural environment.