Ogasawara Islands comprise a group of about 30 oceanic islands of various sizes located 1000 km south of Tokyo.

A few years ago, my friend strongly recommended to visit there, but I hesitated to go because it would involve having to stay 2 nights on the Ogasawara Maru ship for a round trip from Tokyo Bay Takeshiba Pier to Chichijima Island. I thought that it would be a waste of time.

I was wrong.

I could understand how large the Earth is after making this 24-hour long journey of 1000 km to Chichijima Island.

Ogasawara Islands have deep, blue and clean ocean and Japanese local village warmness. I didn’t want to leave there and  my kids started to insist that they wanted to enter Ogasawara’s junior high school.

Ogasawara Islands were never connected with the continent and so are isolated by the sea. Plants and animals were carried by ocean currents, winds and birds. As a result of these unique circumstances, a large number of endemic creatures and their ecosystems can be observed.

The Ogasawara Maru sails from Tokyo Bay Takeshiba Pier, departing at 11:00am and arriving at Futami Port on Chichijima Island at 11:00am the following morning.

There are several cabin options on board the Ogasawara Maru, from a Suite room through to an Economy room shared with 20 people.

Ogasawara Maru


Sunset from Ogasawara Maru to Tokyo

Arrival at Takeshiba port

Lunch on Ogasawara Maru

Back Deck on board Ogasawara MaruLocal people advised me to take some medicine for motion sickness and to eat biscuits, a rice ball or jelly before sailing. I was told that I should go to sleep immediately after boarding, even it was 4:30pm. If you are really bad condition, drink a lot of water and throw it away in the bathroom.

The peak season is from June to August. August is typhoon season, so Ogasawara Maru is often cancelled due to bad weather. August boarding tickets were sold in early June. After purchasing Ogasawara Maru’s boarding tickets, you need to book hotels immediately. Usually, travel agents provide 2 nights for a round-trip and 3 nights when staying for Ogasawara Islands tour. But if you stay much longer, you will need to make reservations by yourself.