During daytime in Singapore, it is better to keep away from the sunshine and to stay indoors. Morning and early evening is the best time to walk around town.

Sunrise near Merlion areaI hesitated to go to see the Merlion because I thought it would be just a photo spot. Everyone told me it was so disappointing, but my friend who lives in Singapore now, strongly recommended taking a photo with the Merlion as a lasting memory of my trip. Thanks to her advice, I could surprisingly enjoy the Merlion. My expectation was so low, but the statue is bigger than I had imagined and the design was so sophisticated. There were less tourists in the morning, so we could take photos from several different directions. The 8.6 m handsome Merlion with fish tail was so astonishing.

The Prince of Srivijaya found a lion near the seashore and Singapore was called a town of lion in Sanskrit based on Malay chronicle in 11th century.

The reason why Merlion has a fish tale was because the area was called a port city in Jawa language from ancient times and the Merlion has a fish tale as a symbol of the port town.


The area itself offers beautiful views and is nice to walk around.

IMG_6282After visiting the Botanic Garden (linked to the blog post), I could see that Singapore was aware of the risk of being dependent on only a few kinds of plantations and so, quality education was introduced in order to empower people by raising their skills and expertise.

Science Center Singapore has many interactive activities to learn Science and I thought this is also one way to educate people. When we visited there, we saw rare insects and were allowed to touch them. The staff explained kindly and their topics were wide-ranging and deep.


Elephant monumentThe Asian Civilizations Museum displays the Tang Shipwreck and has a special VR exhibition to find ceramics in the Java sea. The layout of the exhibition is also very attractive, using a lot of space. We spent two hours there, but the size of the museum is not so big, so if you were in a hurry, you could look through in less than an hour.

As the Asian Civilizations Museum explained, ACM focuses on the many historical connections among the cultures of Asia. We can enjoy displays from Chinese, Islamic and the Ancient world to Christian arts.