All generations can enjoy the Singapore Zoo. I thought it should be for only children, but the variety of animals and unique breeding methods make the Zoo spectacular. There are no cages or high fences, so their animals are kept in a near-natural environment.

It took 30 minutes to drive there from the center of the city.

Near the entrance, we suddenly encountered several monkeys very near and Orangutans showed us how they avoided getting wet by using their original leaf umbrellas. You can easily spend more than 3 hours there, if you wish.

River Safari Singapore and Night Safari sites are in the same area, so my recommendation is to visit Singapore Zoo in the morning, to go on the River Safari Singapore in the afternoon and to enjoy the Night Safari in early evening. Multi-park tickets are available.



White TigerRiver Safari Singapore is the best place to hide from strong sunshine and sudden rainfall. A corridor with a roof was throughout the park, so you don’t need to worry about weather change. River Safari’s various kinds of fish are amazing and you can see them from very close up. We stayed at the Manatee’s area for one hour to see their every movement.


River Safari is breeding pandas and you can see very relaxed pandas located there.

Relaxing Panda