Singapore is trying to revitalize its tourism industry. Entertainment conglomerates invite popular musicals, live action events and night shows. There were lots of night activities, but we preferred to walk around, because the temperature was much cooler than in the daytime. Singapore city is basically very safe to walk around in a small group. You will see many tourists and people jogging in the parks and along the riverside.

1. Singapore Flyer

The highest point of Singapore Flyer is 165 meters and it takes 30 minutes to go around. Kisho Kurokawa, a Japanese architect, designed this giant wheel and each gondola is the same size as a public bus, so there is a space to walk around inside to see different viewing points of skyscrapers and night scenes.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer's riding cage

View from Singapore Flyer

View from Singapore Flyer

View from Singapore Flyer

Walking from Singapore Flyer to Marina Bay Sands was also fascinating.


Art Science Museum

2. Singapore River Cruise and River Side Walk

The Singapore River Cruise departs every 15 minutes and is easy to take from Clarke Quay, Merlion Park and many other spots along the Singapore River.

River Side Walk View

3. Night Safari

It was really hard to take photos at the Night Safari, but it was the most exciting experience in Singapore. After visiting Singapore Zoo and River Safari Singapore, we ate dinner at Night Safari Restaurants which opened from 5:30pm.

Walking in the dark Zoo was adventurous and thrilling. Animals in the tropics are nocturnal, so during the daytime most of them are asleep at the Zoo. However, at the Night Safari, we could see a leopard as he jumped off from a laying log and then tried to jump back up on the same log again but failed. He seemed ashamed and went away, bypassing the log. We also saw a giant flying squirrel eating foods from a hanging bucket very near to us, but we could not see him flying.

Of course, some of the animals were hiding, as is their habit, so it was not possible to see them. Riding on the tram is very popular, but I truly recommend to walk around on foot.