1. Kaya Toast

I had never heard about Kaya Toast, but after having it, I learned that it was a soul food for Singaporeans. Kaya is a jam with coconut, egg and sugar, similar to Lemon Curd, but it has much more of a coconut texture. Butter and Kaya Jam were put between slices of bread. You can dip it in a half-boiled egg if you want. I could charge my energy and get a lot of nutrition. This reminded me of Japanese Egg Rice that I sometimes have for my breakfast. Egg Rice is mixture of a raw egg and rice with soy sauce and it gives us enough energy for the day.


Kaya Toast with a half-boiled egg

2. Murtabak, a meat crepe

When we visited Arab Street, we went to ZAM ZAM to eat the Murtabak. Murtabak is a Arabian crepe with meat dipping curry sauce. It was crispy and chewy like a Japanese Okonomiyaki, a pancake with meat, seafood and vegetables. We chose beef, but deer, mutton and chicken were also available.  

ZAM ZAM's green shop

ZAM ZAM’s green shop

ZAM ZAM's inside

ZAM ZAM’s inside


ZAM ZAM’ Murtabak

3. Asian Civilizations Museum Cafe

The Asian Civilizations Museum has a riverside Cafe serving western sweets and beverages.

I didn’t expect much from the cakes in Singapore, but I discovered they were tender and delicious, while the cafe was cozy and relaxed.

Asian Civilizations Museum

Asian Civilizations Museum

4. Durian

Durian is the world famous king of fruit. Since we were in Singapore, we decided to accept the challenge to eat Durian. My friend found 227 Katong Durian Fruits shop.


227 Katong Durian Fruits shop

I don’t have much to say about the taste…It was a good experience.