Honestly, it is not so near or easy to go to, but you will never regret spending your time at Koya-san.

It takes about one and a half hours from Nankai Namba Station in Osaka to Kouya-san Station by public transportation.

You can see around Koya-san in about 5 hours, but if you want to do meditation and join the night tour, 2 or 3 days would be suitable. We stayed at Ekouin for the second night.

Ekouin provides a night tour to go to Okunoin with Ekouin’s monks. The tour is available in both Japanese and English. At the end of the tour, the monks chant a Buddhist sutra which is quite a sublime experience.

In the morning, you can join Ekouin’s Otakiage, a ceremony of burning talismas, at Kongoin. It was the first time to join for me, and I was so astonished by the monks chanting mantras and every single moment of the burning of talismas.

Ekouin in Koya-san

Ekouin’s guest room was also very quiet and cozy to stay in.

View from Ekouin's room

View from Ekouin’s guest room


Inside of Ekouin

Dinner at Ekouin

Dinner at Ekouin


Otakiage’s space

I had a very simple and calm experience at Koya-san, but I could not resist the Yakiniku, grilled meat, in Osaka on the last day.