Especially in Summer time, Japanese want to eat very spicy curry to forget the summer heat. Japanese Curry is slightly different from original Indian curry. Curry was introduced to Japan in the 19th Century and it used to be very expensive but gradually became an everyday food from the early 20th Century. My mom cooked curry almost every month and kept it for 2-3 days for dinner and weekend lunch. Curry can be eaten with not only rice but also Japanese noodles.

Each Japanese has their own favorite curry shop. Here are my most favorite curry shops which I found after joining a curry circle that visited several shops in Tokyo.

1. Bondy in Jinbocho

The balance of rice and curry sauce is so important when eating curry. Bondy’s curry is the best for me. There are various kinds of curry with styles ranging from meats to seafood, vegetables, mushrooms and clams. I usually order Beef with Cheese.

Bondy Curry

2. MOTI in Akasaka

MOTI Indian curry restaurant was the first restaurant for me to go to with my father when I was a highschool student. MOTI’s nan is so soft and sticky and the smell is so tender and sweet. When I visited there for lunch several times, I found my friends usually order their same favorite curry every time. My favorite is Chicken curry, but you can also choose from mutton, vegetable, shrimp and more.

MOTI in Akasaka

3. Ginza Shiseido

Shiseido provides one of most expensive curries in Tokyo, but it is well worth eating. It takes 3 days to cook its original curry sauce.

Ginza Shiseido

Ginza Shiseido's curry

4. CoCo Ichibanya

When my friends visit Tokyo, I always recommend going to CoCo Ichibanya. There are so many choices of sauces and side dishes, but it is really fun to choose. I usually eat 10 Kara, the hottest type of sauce. It’s hot, but enjoyable.

CoCo Ichibanya

5. House Curry at everywhere

When I visited my cousin in Italy, I brought 10 kg of rice and several kinds of curry sauce. In Italy, she could cook curry with onions, carrots, potato and chicken.

I always buy House Foods’ curry sauce to cook curry at my home, because my mother always used it. Retort-pouch curry is also easy to eat at home. You can find them everywhere at convenience stores or super markets in Japan.

House Curry

House Curry