Toyama Prefecture is 3 hours away by bullet train from Tokyo Station. Toyama Shinkansen was opened in 2015 and this has dramatically improved the access to Toyama.

So, we decided to visit Kurobe Dam which is one of the largest dams in Japan and located in the middle of Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. It used to be very difficult to visit, but now the Shinkansen has made it much more easily accessible.

Toyama Station's tram

Toyama Station’s tram

Before visiting Kurobe Dam, we stayed at a hotel near Toyama Station and enjoyed Toyama Port’s fresh fish at an Izakaya, Japanese tapas-style restaurant.


Sashimi, raw sliced fish at Izakaya Izaribi

Toyama has the 3,000 m-class Tateyama mountain range and 1,000 m deep sea. This 4,000 m difference creates a very dynamic landscape. The distance from the seashore to the mountain area is only 25 km, so you can enjoy both green forest scenery and deep blue sea.

Toyama Port is located in the middle of Toyama and deep sea channels and several rivers and underground water flows there. This deep sea is the best biotic environment to breed Japanese glass shrimp and snow crab.


Nodoguro fish


Grilled Hamaguri shell


Cod roe rice

We also visited Izakaya Takara.


Sashimi, raw sliced fish at Izakaya Takara