When we visited the Shirakawago area, we drove through Shirayama Shirakawago White Road between Shirayama City in Ishikawa prefecture and Shirakawa village in Gifu Prefecture. When I checked the road on the map, it looked very short. However, the distance  was 33.3 km at an altitude ranging from 600 to 1,450 m. The road had so many sharp bends and blind curves. We needed to take a break every 10 mins. Parking and restrooms are available at all view spots.

View of Shirayama Shirakawago White Road

We parked at Shirakawago Observatory deck at 1,230 m altitude to see the Shirakawago area and to walk around.

Path with Beech trees

Overlook of Shirakawa-go area

We visited Oyadani hot spring and Ubagataki Falls. Oyadani hot spring gushes out from the riverbed where an open-air bath and foot bath are located.

Path to Ubagataki Falls and Oyadani hot spring

Jadani River

Path to Ubagataki Fall

A stream to Ubagataki Fall.

Oyadani hot spring’s public bath

Foot bath

Ubagataki Fall