We visited Johana town, when we went to the Gokayama region’s Ainokura area.

Johana town prospered in silk fabrics. In the Gokayama region, people have raised silkworms and transported them to Johana town to produce silk since the 16th century. The silk fabrics were distributed to Kyoto and Edo cities and got a high reputation as Kaga silk. Kaga silk became the economic base for Johana town and merchants contributed to develop it as a silk town and authentic cultural center.

Johana Oriyakata

Weaving machine

Camera strap

We visited Johana Hikiyama Festival Floats Museum, displaying large festival floats with delicate carvings and exquisite lacquer design.

In Johana town, we enjoyed machiya, a traditional merchant’s house, with latticed door and a narrow pathway with stone pavement.

Johana town

Traditional narrow streent in Johana

Zendokuji Temple, founded 540 years ago, is located in the center of the town and gives off a mature impression.

Zentokuji Temple

We took a break at Ango Sweet Shop. The town and shop had a great atmosphere.

Ango Sweet Shop