At Shikotsu Lake, you can enjoy cruising, trekking, walking and having nice lunch and hot springs.

We took a 30-minute Shikotsu Lake underwater cruise twice. Surroundings are unbelievably clear water, cute fish and very calm scenery.

Shikotsu Lake fish

Columnar joints

Around the Shikotsu Lake, there are beautiful flowers and wildlife. We stayed 3 days, but half a day or one or two hours would be enjoyable too.

Mt. Fuppushi

Red Tsutuji

Fox living near Shikotsu Lake

Sapporo snails

There are several B&Bs, nice hotels and ryokans near Shikotsu Lake. We enjoyed hot springs and lunch at Mizuno uta. Marukoma Hot Springs also has a great atmosphere.

Mizunouta Hotel

Lunch at Mizunouta Hotel