Shikotsu Lake is famous for its degree of clearness.

Shikotsu Lake

When you come to Hokkaido visiting Sapporo city or transferring from Chitose Airport, Shikotsu Lake is very convenient to enjoy Hokkaido’s nature. It takes 50 mins from Chitose Airport and one hour from Sapporo.

The water temperature keeps constantly at 3 to 4 degrees, so the lake is not frozen often and plants and leaves do not rot, so the water can keep its clearness.

Unrotten tree

We did Canoeing and saw the thawed snow water pouring into Shikotsu Lake.

Shikotsu Lake Canoe

Thawed snow water


Reflected on water

There are several outdoor sports shops near Shikotsu Lake to support water activities such as; diving, fishing, kayaking and hiking near the mountains. June is the best season to visit, because the water is so clean and green starts to sprout.

B&Bs near Shikotsu Lake

If you want to find out more about Shikotsu Lake, a caldera lake, of origin and history, please visit Shikotsu Lake Visitor Center and Chitose Aquarium in Chitose City.

Shikotsu Lake is the source of Chitose River and you can see the river bed and various kinds of river fish.

Chitose River