Goto Islands are famous for their historical churches, and are also very popular for fishing. We went there for fishing this time. Even at the beginning of a new year season, Morita fishing shop was open. We rented a fishing tackle there, and we went to 大泊, Ootomari. Literally, you can do fishing anywhere in Goto Islands, except in forbidden areas. We got about 30 fish.

Ootomari Harbor

When we were landing at Fukue airport, we saw a small bowl-shaped mountain called Oni-dake. We climbed it and walked round the top of Oni-dake, enjoying 360 degrees panoramic views of Goto Sea.

Oni-dake view

Sunset from Fukue Island Hotel

We took a ferry to Nakadori Islands and stayed at Hotel Margherita located at the top of a small peak. Every room offers beautiful views of the sea, including wonderful sunrises and sunsets.

If you visit Goto Islands during summer, please make to reserve the ferry beforehand, but during winter season there is no need to book ahead of time.

View from Hotel Margherita

The restaurant at Hotel Margherita serves a mixed fusion style of Japanese and European foods. The capacity of this accommodation was not large, so the restaurant was not crowded and we could have nice service from the staff.

Cooked fish and Sashimi (raw fish) were great, but I prefer Goto beef much more.Some Goto cows are exported to Kobe to become Japanese famous Kobe beef, so the quality of beef is very high. It tasted juicy and tender.

Breakfast at Hotel Margherita

In Goto Islands, every small village has their own church. It was amazing to see various kinds of architecture.

There is a long history of whaling and if you have interest in this, you can see its history at the Whaling Museum at Arikawa Harbor on Nakadori Island.

We went to Yagatame Park in the north of Nakadori Island to walk and to spend time by the water. The winter season at Goto Islands was so calm and quiet.

View from the top of Yagatame park

At Hamaguri (clam) hama beach, we found one big clam and we cooked it at the hotel to eat. The water was so clear, so Summer must be the best season for playing with it.

Digging and digging