My main purpose to come to Taiwan was to visit Kokyu (National Palace Museum).

It’s good to learn historical arts, but I really enjoyed just seeing the exhibit’s design, textiles and colors. Earlier is better to visit. It’s strongly recommended to visit there at 8:30am.

Taiwan has more than 200 peaks with heights over 3,000 meters. In Japan, we only have 21 peaks over 3,000 meters. You can see such mountain country from Kokyu too.

Nice view from National Palace Museum

Traditional house for Chiang Kai-Shek

Near Kokyu, there is a 蒋介石 (Chiang Kai-Shek)’s house. His house and garden were so simple and practical, but very cozy.

The garden is separated into several areas with various kinds of plants. My favorite one was the rose garden.

Chiang Kai-Shek’s house

Local Market with lots of handmade goods

After a heavy dinner the previous night, I preferred to eat some vegetables, so I decided to go to 四四南村簡単市集 Aozora, open-air, Market.

Vegetable plate

View from Cafe

Artists and producers prepared their shops at Aozora Market with originally designed goods and some organic foods.

Bear plush

From Aozora Market, you can see Taipei 101 Tower. It was a nice occasion to compare very modernized buildings with old and historical houses there.

Taipei 101 Tower

Taipei 101 Tower