If you don’t have much time and energy to climb Mt. Fuji, it’s good to go to Shimizu in Shizuoka to see this famous and beautiful symbol of Japan. My recommendation to my friend is always this;

Mt. Fuji is an active volcano, so there are many rocks and small stones on its slopes. I prefer to see Mt. Fuji from different angles.

Miho no Matsubara is the best place to take photo of Mt. Fuji

Miho no Matsubara is part of the world heritage area of Mt. Fuji with a very nice walking road.

Mt. Fuji with pink shore bindweed.

Fresh raw fish in Shimizu

There are many tasty Sushi restaurants and in Spring time, you can have very fresh raw shirasu (baby anchovy). Only fresh shirasu can be served raw.

Baby anchovy sushi

Over 300 years history of agriculture

My favorite cafe is Kawamura Noen. After 300 years of history through 12 generations, Kawamura has started a new cafe serving tomato parfait. It sounds strange, but it tastes so sweet and is addictive. You can also enjoy various kinds of fruit smoothies and snacks.

Kawamura Noen cafe.

Tomato parfait

Finding anemonefish at Tokai University’s actinium

We went fishing but if you’d prefer to see fish, the Marine Science Museum, Social Education Center, Tokai University is worth a visit. You can  find clownfish and in fact, this actinium boasts the first successful hatching of clownfish. I saw two couples hatching their kids, after which they  started to protect them.

Small red fish