Joetsu, located in the middle part of Niigata, is just 1 hour half drive from Nagano Station. It has glorious scenery and you can enjoy both hiking and sea activities.

Where to stay in Niigata?

We stayed several nights at Kukuno where only 2 groups can stay at a time.

Kukuno guest house

The owner cooked seasonal ingredients which they found near the woodlots or their farm. In May, wild vegetables were in season and various kinds of recipes could be enjoyed.

Various herbs from near by

Juicy tomato

Please don’t worry, there were also meats and fish available. Every night, the owner prepared different kinds of dinner. It was amazing! Niigata is famous for Japanese Sake and Wine. Since the late 19th century, some areas have been harvesting grapes for their wineries. Now, they are creating original wine which suits Japanese foods.

Sashimi and pork for dinner

Homemade breakfast

Breakfast is much simpler, but rice and Miso soup are free refill. Again, every morning, you can enjoy different kinds of fish from Naoetsu Harbor.

Breakfast at Kukuno