If you miss some cultural things in Niigata, Takada station area would be the best to visit.

Takada Castle, Japanese traditional castle

The founders of Takada Castle were relatives of Ieyasu Tokugawa, who started the Edo era in Japan. You can still enjoy some part of the castle ruins. Climbing the scaffold, you will see some mountains in the distance.

Takada castle's the scaffold

Japanese old style house for an artist

In the same area, Kobayashi Kodo (Japanese-style painter)’s old house is located. It has a gorgeous Japanese garden. The contrast of blue sky and green garden is perfect to enjoy Japanese early summer.  

Kodo Kobayashi's house

Peony near Kodo Kobayashi's house

Beautiful view Kanaya mountain

We went to Kanaya mountain to see Mr. Theodor Edler von Lerch, the first teacher of skiing in Japan, and took lifts to take sliders.

Lift to the top of Kanaya mountain

The second time, we did hiking to the top of the mountain, where you can enjoy this view.

Blue sky from the top of Kanaya mountain