During a one-week stay in Joetsu area, we did fishing and took many walks.

Fishing at Naoetsu Harbor

If you follow local people, you could find the best fishing spots in Naoetsu Harbor even near the thermal power station.

Naoetsu Harbor

Fishing at Naoetsu

Short hiking at Kanaya mountain

After fishing at Naoetsu Harbor, we visited Kanaya mountain area. We did a riverside walk along the river, and saw fireflies and lightning bugs. The Japanese name of “Hotaru” (fireflies) is pretty to say. Local people support Hotaru to grow there. From June to July, you can see Hotaru.   

Green road at Kanayama mountain

Hiking road at Kanaya mountain

Hunting tadpoles by hand

My boys tried to hunt for tadpoles for 2 hours. Yes, it’s a good time to do so on a sunny day.

Hunting tadpoles

Hunting tadpoles